Steven C. Sinn, Founder / Owner

Steve Sinn is the President of Lacuna Technologies, LLC and a partner in Sinn Brothers, a family-owned grain and turkey production enterprise.  Steve’s family has been in the turkey production business for more than 70 years.  Steve developed the core concepts behind Lacuna Technologies, LLC, and has closely managed product development, prototype manufacturing, intellectual property protection, and preliminary industry discussions on the path toward commercialization.

Lacuna Technologies, LLC is supported by a small group of specialists:

Steve Hofing, President, Centrec Consulting Group LLC

Steve is the managing director of Centrec Consulting Group. He brings more than seventeen years of experience as a management consultant, and has worked extensively in projects involving strategy development, operational analysis, and business systems design and development. Steve is a a nationally recognized authority in the area of agricultural credit analysis. He has also worked extensively in the grain segment of the agribusiness industry.

Steve Kopperud, President, SLK Strategies

Steve K. brings more than 25 years' experience in government and strategic communications. He led enactment of federal preemption of the Uniform Commercial Code "clear title" legislation for agriculture buyers, the Animal Facility Protection Act, the Animal Drug Availability Act, the Animal Medicinal Use Clarification Act, first-time federal risk insurance for livestock producers, and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Steve routinely works with FDA, EPA, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Dennis Strickland, President, Design Drafting & Detailing, Inc.

Dennis provides engineering design and drafting. Dennis operates Design Drafting and Detailing, Inc. an independent consulting firm that provides support to companies in the development of manufacturing specifications, technical documentation, and other areas. He has been working with Steve Sinn for over ten years, and is developing the final production drawings for Lacuna Technologies, LLC products.