Over the Range and Into D.C.

The turkeys continue to mature and become quite aggressive.   They average 40 pounds and we have nearly two weeks to go before shipping date.  

Start of the week was cool and wet… the forecast calls for a few days of heat the end of this week that will keep me on my toes.  For as long as I can remember, at fourth of July celebrations we had turkeys and kept close eye on them.  One story comes to mind. About 25 years ago, we ranged our turkeys outside… had outdoor shelter, feeders and waterers.   On this July 4th, fighter jets were in the area for a show they decided to fly low and maneuver over our range turkeys.  The noise was loud as it could be.  The jets came and went… maybe a minute at the most.   I was impressed for a split second until I remembered the range turkeys wouldn’t react favorably.  Immediately, I went to the ranges – the turkeys had scattered everywhere and I spent the rest of the day finding them and herding them back to the range.   It was a mess.  So whenever I see the “flying angels” I hearken back to the havoc they did to our range turkeys many years ago…

I am on the road this week in Washington, D.C., introducing our technology. I hope I can find a place to park my truck….

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