Our System

What We Do

Move – provide cost-effective, yet humane animal handling systems from farm to processor. 

Measure – gather pre-slaughter, critical-control-point data—equipping the supply chain to:

    • Objectively assess performance (individual birds, individual producers (thru transport)
    • Substantiate animal state of being



  • Provides objective performance measurements (versus subjective standards and/or management guidelines)
  • Objective information on animal care to counter anyone using subjective standards to discourage consumption of meat
  • Challenges simplistic narratives about small vs. large farms, local vs. industrial producers, etc.

For Processors

  • Reduced labor cots
  • Improved yield – fewer bruises and scratches
  • Improved individual bird monitoring capabilities (24-hours prior to shackle)
  • New tool for grower evaluation, including transportation evaluation & management
  • Reduced fecal contamination and improved food safety (morbid birds removed prior to entering processing facility)
  • Genetic selection/evaluation in real-world facilities

For Consumers

  • Improved comfort level with consuming meat
  • Objective, verifiable data on animal handling and production
  • Evidence of retailer’s commitment to continuous improvement

For Operators & Retailers

  • Greater control over product
  • Objective data enabling customized specifications and benchmarking/performance metrics
  • Market advantage –verifiably differentiated product