Lacuna Technologies, LLC mission is to improve the efficiency and transparency of the animal protein supply chain, connecting consumers to live animal performance while improving animal care and worker well-being.


  • Efforts to monitor, measure and improve animal state of being which can co-exist—and even catalyze—efficient business processes.
  • We support the central tenets of the “Performance Axiom” proposed by Dr. Stanley Curtis.
  • Measuring individual, live animals at key points along the supply chain can spark more informed decision making – among producers, processors, retailers and regulatory agencies.
  • Connecting world consumers with individual live animal data – being an integral component in the decision making for live animal production practices.

About Steve Sinn

My name is Steve Sinn.  I have been part of a family farm for all of my life… nearing the half century mark… where we produce turkeys, corn and soybeans.  I’ve raised swine and chickens along with the turkeys.  My father is 86 years old and has been in the poultry business for 70 years; he’s considered one of the pioneers of the turkey industry.  Other than a four-year hiatus to college, I have lived on the farm my grandfather landed in 1901.  Deep roots have been established here south of Tremont, Illinois.

Nearly 15 years ago, I had an idea about automating handling of market weight turkeys.  Over time, this idea has evolved into a system for automated handling for both chickens and turkeys, where individual, live-animal measurements can be attained.  I believe this approach will provide objective information to help us balance our desire to raise animals for meat, with the needs of a mature society.  Our food system offers unparalleled abundance and food safety, but we struggle with our responsibility to maintain and improve animal care in a world driven by economic decisions.

I hope you will find thought-provoking viewpoints in our weekly blog posts.  Let us know what you think at stevsinn62@gmail.com.